Kiss FM - About Us (Joob Joob)


Kiss FM PattayaOver the last few years Kiss FM has been Pattaya’s fastest growing radio station. Since updating our brand with vibrant new shows, world class entertainment and expanding our digital broadcast to Bangkok and the surrounding cities, Kiss FM is ready and proud to present to you our fresh and totally unique radio concept in Pattaya.

When People tune in to Kiss FM they stay tuned in. We are their audio entertainment of choice and it shows: Our listenership is more than three times as great as all of our local competition combined. Boasting over 35,000 listeners in the region plus 9,000 TuneIn followers internationally.

The Reason for our popularity is clear.

We’re the only local radio station with a full schedule of International Top DJ’s presenting interesting, well rounded, and engaging shows at key time slots throughout the day and night.

Kiss FM is Pattaya and Bangkok’s home for the best hit music and all the programing that tourists, locals and expatriates alike, tune in and stay tuned in - time and time again. And, with our current Radio Station Booth in Central Festival we are broadcasting LIVE in the center of the largest and most vibrant shopping mall in the city

We have long been and will remain the most cost effective method of reaching all of Pattaya’s English speaking population, along with the growing Thai listener base we have established. Since we’ve expanded our online presence to Bangkok and beyond via TuneIn, our app and Facebook, customers can now listen anytime from anywhere in the world. This allows them to stay connected where ever they are and as Radio Customers tend to be loyal, that means you can reach them over and over again.