Radio Advertising Works!

As it reaches all people, from all walks of life, all the day long.

It reaches people who are emotionally invested. It reaches people who think of the station as their friend. Study after study has shown that radio advertising multiplies the impact of other advertising, effectively targeting the desired market segment and creates a big brand presence in a listener’s mind.

And it does all this when people are either listening closely –  ie. in traffic - unwinding after a long day, or when they’re sitting at their desk and only click away from our website, social media and online stream.

Since radio advertisements are repeated often throughout the day the message is constantly reinforced time and time again. And since people often have the radio on in the background, they absorb your message subconsciously throughout the day. That is why radio is considered one of the strongest call to action mediums available but don't take our word for it - check out these links for more information about the benefits of advertising on the radio:


Why do you need Kiss FM……

Radio is the medium with coverage of the largest segment of your local population. Radio can be enjoyed at home, in office, while driving car, walking through the shopping center, in your local restaurant and much much more..

Because of this, and the engagement of our station with your local community, the scope to reach out is enormous. 
When you advertise your product on the radio, the cost is lower than other mediums of communication but the returns are far higher.  

And now, with our line-up of Top International DJ shows, Kiss FM is all set to fast become the leading English speaking Radio Station in Thailand! And that’s not all, with our daily live broadcasting straight out of the heart of Central Festival we will reach thousands of new potential clients every day!

We can offer you the most competitive rates and you can expect greater results from Kiss FM than most other options out there, so why not give it a try?

You can also advertise with us for free!!! That's right, for free.

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